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General Description
Steering Committee
Southeast Asia Regional Aviation Safety Team (SEARAST)
  Cooperative, not-for-profit association of civil aviation administrations within the Southeast Asia area
- Under the umbrella of ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Bureau
- For the purpose of enhancing flight safety on a sub-regional basis
  COSCAP is guided by a Steering Committee comprising :
- Directors General of the member States/Administrative Regions or their delegated representatives
  • Steering Committee Members.
  • Civil Aviation Administration Designated Focal Points.
  • - Representatives of ICAO, including the International Flight Operations Expert/Project Coordinator
    - Representatives from Donors and Industry
    - Members: Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Brunei Darussalam, Timor-Leste respectively and ICAO (Member/Coordinator)
    - Associate Members : Other countries and/or multilateral organizations who contribute materially to the project (currently FAA, European Commission)
    - Industry Partners: Industries who contribute materially to the project (currently Airbus and Boeing)
             Key Elements
    Establish a regional aviation safety group to address a wide range of safety-related matters
    Provide training and contribute to the professional development of inspectors
    Promote harmonization of regulations and policies among member States/Administrative Regions
    Provide certification and inspection assistance to States which are currently unable to meet regulatory obligations
    Coordinate technical assistance programs in the area
    Conduct internal audits to assist in improving government safety oversight organizations
      Join global community in coordinated and structured approach to reducing accidents
    - Implement accident prevention interventions which have already been developed
    by established organizations
    - Identify and address regional concerns related to flight safety
             Internal Audits
    Upon request, evaluate various facets of participating States’ certification and surveillance programs to help ensure continuing compliance with ICAO Standards, Practices, and other guidance material and promote Standard Policies and Practices within the area.
    Short-term : Promote common policies and procedures related to certification and inspection of airplanes and airlines
    Long-term : Promote harmonization of regulations
             Training and Professional Development
    Formal Training Courses
    Regional Seminars
    On-site Seminars
    On-the-job Training
             Certification and Inspection Assistance
    Two types :
    - Primary: undertaken on behalf of States which lack adequate independent oversight capability
    - Supplemental: occasional assistance to more developed States when required during periods of peak activity or when outside expertise is requested to accomplish a specific task
    Assistance to follow logical flow :
    - Law
    - Regulations
    - Procedures
    - Certification and Inspection
    Milestones to be met
    Not open-ended
    - Fee-for-service if continued beyond agreed date
             Coordination of Technical Assistance
    Inventory sources and extent of regulatory assistance currently in effect or planned
    Ensure effective targeting and discourage duplication of effort
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